Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Quite frankly, I wonder just how many serial killers are wandering around over there in America! Thankfully not too many when my husband and I were there two years ago and certainly not in Boston, a charming city which we thoroughly enjoyed and which is featured in this novel!

Cameron, a nurse, has managed to get over being unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend three years previously and is finally finding her romantic feet again. She has the help of two flatmates - the unsociable Greg and the outgoing Karl. Now she is ready to move into a new apartment, and more than ready to start a new romance, which she does. However, fate has other things in store.

This a fast-paced plot which has more twists and turns than a cobra - but gory! It seems a serial killer who is devoted this craft is at work, and the final goal is, of course, Cameron.

I liked the character of Cameron, even though she does some really stupid things - as the heroine are wont to do in these situations - and over all I liked the book. I felt for the main male heroes - yes there are two, the detective and the Assistant District Attorney - but did pick the perpetrator about halfway through. This is did not impinge on my enjoyment of the whole.

I must say I do try to avoid books with serial killers in them now as the theme has been done to death with CSI and NCIS and all the usual suspects on TV, but this book was pretty good.

Good work!

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