Friday, 2 January 2015


So here we are in 2015 - and good riddance to 2014. The last couple of weeks were too awful to contemplate - a siege by a Muslim extremist who should have been in gaol where he belonged and a woman goes and murders eight children. I do not know how to cope with these things, especially the latter. The sad fact is that there will be more of the same incidents down the track.

Heat and humidity seem to be the "go" this summer. I am so sorry for all the animals whose idiot owners can't be bothered or who are too stupid to realise that their pets need protection and caring. Wish I could stand the owners out in the sun for hours or lock them in cars and leave them in the car park. I can't get over the number of farmers who don't think animals need shade. Well, duh - stupid me. Why would the cows and horses be hiding the trees on a hot day? Of course it couldn't possibly be that they want shade!

I volunteer for the Animal Welfare League op shop in Boonah. Monday morning we open again and let's hope lots of people come and buy things! On Tuesday Andrew and I are taking our two grandchildren, Ally and Ben, to see Paddington the movie and then bringing them back out to our home for a two day visit. Looking forward to spending time with them, and then we'll probably spend Friday resting up  :)

This year I have to write A DARK AND LONELY PLACE, the next in the Susan Prescott series. When I first started with THE NAKED ROOM, I had no idea that there would be three more books to come - THE CELIBATE MOUSE and  AFTER ARIEL. So far N/Room has 33 five star reviews, C/Mouse has 28, and A/Ariel has 7. Let's hope the new one exceeds all!  However, I have my doubts.

It is said by many gurus in the field that the nature of book sales is changing yet again. Apparently it will be harder to sell books this year than last, and I must admit I found it hard then! I think everyone who is going to read the first two books has done so and there are no more reviews in the offing. I do wish I could get more for A/Ariel but you never know ! Things could change yet. With 4 MILLION books on Amazon, the hardest part is making one author's work stand out!

Well, that's all for today. I have to take the nanny nap which is holding the old bones together!

Next blog - the art of writing the drouble and the drabble! What are they? Wait and see...

Bye for now.

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