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I have read books where the premise is somewhat the same - a person is in an accident or gets injured and attains powers hitherto denied them. However, JJ White's plot takes this premise a lot further.

Gavin is injured in an explosion which kills two other people, the one who caused it and an innocent bystander. For thirty days Gavin is in a coma but he awakens to a different world, one of colour and fame. Having been set for the future as a sportsman, he is bemused to find that his talents now lie in mathematical equations, art, classical music and chess! Life is looking up, especially for his ambitious father who sees financial possibilities in his son's changes. As Gavin's life deteriorates, the reader soon becomes aware that someone has been paid to put an end to him and all he holds dear. The reason behind the attempts on Gavin's life become apparent toward the twist at the end when a master manipulator reveals himself.

Sometimes readers and certainly people who fancy themselves as art critics, try to put their own spin on the writer or artist's motivations. In this case, it would seem to me that the author asks the reader to examine whether fame and fortune is all it's cracked up to be and is it what we really want? Could we handle the responsibility that comes with fame and fortune?

The ending leaves the option to continue the story - but does not leave the reader up in the air.

With the exception of Gavin, the characters do not come across as sympathetic, and nor should they. Sharon, who comes into contact with Gavin's dark side, can be forgiven for not wanting to repeat the experience. Gavin's increasing paranoia and decreasing control over his own destiny are and cleverly drawn. The writing flows articulately.

I agreed to review this book - I do not know the author and have never read anything by him previously - but I will definitely read another of his works if given the opportunity.    $3.79 on Amazon.

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