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Review: ZOE'S MUSTER by Barbara Hannay

Zoe's MusterZoe's Muster by Barbara Hannay
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Zoe's Muster has elements of the traditional, "girl looking for her "real" father" but the way Barbara Hannay has written this story makes those elements take on a new perspective.

Zoe takes off to the north of Queensland to join a cattle muster as the camp cook, after she discovers purely by chance that the father she has always known is not her biological one. This is a surprise to her mother as well, and Claire, beset by marriage problems, begs Zoe not to tell anyone why she is at the station working. Obviously, this causes a few problems for Zoe.

I loved that this book was set in Brisbane, as I lived there for many years and now live on an hour and a half away in the country.

The character of Zoe was excellent portrayed and, to my relief, was not "over the top" bull-headed - or "feisty" as authors like to call young women who are badly behaved. Zoe is everyone's daughter, a pleasant character, capable of being hurt without lashing out like a madwoman. She is humble without being servile, takes instruction from anyone who knows what they're talking about and is generally a credit to her creator.

I have known quite a few Mac's in my life - being brought up on a rural property myself - and he is better looking and sexier than any I came across - but then he has to be, he's the main male protagonist.

The supporting cast are excellently presented and had the effect of me wanting to read more by this author. I like Australian fiction - it has to be authentic and not "Americanised" as some are - and this novel is well worth anyone's time to read.

Good work :)

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