Monday, 7 April 2014

Review: SLIME INCORPORATED by Adam Graham

Slime IncorporatedSlime Incorporated by Adam Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Isn't it exciting to find a book which is unique in an overcrowded genre?

Such is Slime Incorporated.

From the opening pages, this novel exudes energy and colour, not the least of it the generous array of the main character, Cole. A flamboyant young man who almost "thinks in colour," Cole is, nevertheless, a person of integrity and honour. This comes through clearly as he negotiates what is a very murky plot, involving betrayal of not only a fine political candidate - yes there is such an animal - but also vulnerable, innocent women.

Cole Ustick works for Newton's PI agency, a boss who shuns messy divorce and domestic cases, and concentrates on corporate, insurance and employee background checks. However, this time, the boss has been dealt a different hand and Newton is hired to discover who framed Ignacio Hernandez, the candidate in the Idaho state election, for sexual assault. Things go downhill from there...

No spoilers, so I will concentrate on the characters. Surprisingly, this plot has religious overtones but that said, this aspect does not slow down the plot or give the characters too much "sweetness."

Cole Ustick - most unusual name, but it suits him - carries a private pain which is hidden under an exotic exterior - love his long hair! He reminds me of the Australian Rainbow Lorikeets abounding in our backyard - but the author has cleverly endowed him with compassion and intelligence without making him ridiculous - a rare feat. I was delighted by Cole's love of classical music and skill as a pianist.

A most enjoyable read and I hope Graham brings out more "Cole" stories.

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  1. It is! :) I have read the short story you sent, but in the rush of the last few days, need to read it again. Sorry, Roger. Will get back to you, mate.