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Review: HOLD STILL by Lisa Regan

Hold StillHold Still by Lisa Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jocelyn Rush is a character in whom I am happy to invest concern. Not too over-the-top tough, she is engaging, emphatic and compassionate.This book is a winner in every way. Well written, the plot grabbed and wafted me to the finish line without dropping a moment of interest along the way.

Yes, I did pick the bad bloke early in the piece, but this in no way spoiled this excellent story for me. The romance was realistic and touching. Regan brought all her characters to life, investing them with both good and bad qualities, even most of the evil doers.

Now I am hoping that this author is, right, now typing her fingers to the bone with a new book featuring Jocelyn and Anita chasing the crooks from their private investigation business!

ZOE’S MUSTER by Barbara Hannay 26th March.

Zoe's Muster has elements of the traditional - girl looking for her "real" father - but the way Barbara Hannay has written this story makes those elements take on a new perspective.

Zoe takes off to the north of Queensland to join a cattle muster as the camp cook, after she discovers purely by chance that the father she has always known is not her biological one. This is a surprise to her mother as well, and Claire, beset by marriage problems, begs Zoe not to tell anyone why she is at the station working. Obviously, this causes a few problems for Zoe.

I loved that this book was set in Brisbane, as I lived there for many years and now live on an hour and a half away in the country.

The character of Zoe was excellent portrayed and, to my relief, was not "over the top" bull-headed - or "feisty" as authors like to call young women who are badly behaved. Zoe is everyone's daughter, a pleasant character, capable of being hurt without lashing out like a madwoman. She is humble without being servile, takes instruction from anyone who knows what they're talking about and is generally a credit to her creator.

I have known quite a few Mac's in my life - being brought up on a rural property myself - and he is better looking and sexier than any I came across - but then he has to be, he's the main male protagonist.

The supporting cast are excellently presented and had the effect of me wanting to read more by this author. I like Australian fiction - it has to be authentic and not "Americanised" as some are - and this novel is well worth anyone's time to read.

Good work :)

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