Friday, 8 November 2013

The return of the lazy blogger

You'd think I'd be over it by now - the operation, the after effects - and I pretty much am, but the truth is - I'm lazy  :(   Somehow procrastination is the name of the game around here, but it all stops on the 22nd November with :


That's right, you didn't mishear. The Queensland Writer's Centre is running program where we sluggards commit to 30 THOUSAND words written in 30 HOURS!!! That's 10 thousand words a day and we finish up on the 24th November, hopefully having fulfilled our comittment.

If I don't do this now, AFTER ARIEL will never be finished!

Okay, enough snivelling.

Things have been fraught around here. Poor Andrew has had his gallbladder out, and then the disc at LL5 ulged and pressed on his Sciatic nerve which caused even more problems. He has been in awful pain, but fortunately a CT guided blocker injection into his spine has made things a lot better. Now the physio - lovely Kristie - has given him exercises to ease the situation.

We lost our lovely geriatric rattie, Bash, last Thursday afternoon just before 4pm. He had been on the bed with Andrew and I and we had been stroking and massaging his little tortured body. I scooted to the loo, came back less than a minute later and he was gone. We will miss him so very very much. A rescue rattie, we took him in around two years ago with his brother, Crash. We did not name them! They were about 7-8 months old when we met them, so Bash was pretty long in the tooth when  he went. Crash left us approximately two months earlier.

So that's enough for now and will make a promise not to be too long before I blog again!

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